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SPECTACULAR RED by Robert Perala

All songs written by Robert Perala
(except excerpt on ‘I’m Kinda Confused’ using lyrics from
‘Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite’ Lennon-McCartney)

Produced, Recorded, Orchestrated, Mixed and Mastered by
Kenny Schick at

Vocals, piano, bass, and rhythm guitar – Robert Perala

Acoustic & electric guitars, bass, drums, saxophone, clarinet, flute,
keyboards and backing vocals – Kenny Schick

Voice over on ‘Welcome to the Show’ – Elowen Perala

Cello on ‘Welcome to the Show’ and ‘Til we meet Again’ – Kristin Harris Garbeff

Violin on ‘Welcome to the Show’ and ‘Til we meet Again’ – Amie Jan

Drums on ‘This is America’ – Jeff Wheeler

Drums on ‘It’s Up to You’ – Pat McCue

Drums recorded at Gadgetbox by Patrick Brede

Thank you Stephen Sea for his production on ‘Whatever Happened to the American Dream’

Vocals on ‘Whatever Happened to the American Dream’ – Debbie Thacker

Photography – Kenny Schick

Poster insert photo – Jerome Brunet

Graphic Design – Sabine Heusler-Schick

This album is dedicated to my beautiful wife Elowen Perala
Special thanks to my family and son Christian Perala

All songs © copyright Robert Perala 2016

About Spectacular Red

Spectacular Red is designed as a “Live Art Theatre” CD production.

All my life I wanted to present the music, characters, and poets I grew up with. Those fantastic moments in pop music history like David Bowie’s The Thin White Duke, the fabulous Paul McCartney, Duran Duran and John Barry with their odes to the James Bond motion picture scores. The politically charged anthems of John Lennon, U2, showcasing humanitarian relief efforts, and human rights issues.

I wrote “This Is America” and “Whatever Happened To The American Dream” as anthems for the controversial times we’re in.  The first tracks were laid down at Tin Pan Alley Studios in London. Other demos were laid down at Gadgetbox Studios in Santa Cruz California with Le Seaside Rendezvous beautifully recorded by Patrick Brede.

The project was then taken to Basement3Productions Studios and put under the direction of producer Kenny Schick who’s tireless efforts brought the songs to life. The beautiful arrangements, and complex melodies in our collaboration produced  a beautiful cinematic feel to the record.

Finally, the album was designed to play as a Live Art Theatre presentation  with a set design including props and photos depicting the great entertainment moments of our time. 

On behalf of Kenny and myself we hope you enjoy our presentation of Spectacular Red!



Robert Perala


Who is Robert Perala

I have been a singer, songwriter and performer since I was very young. My highly successful record “Spectacular Red” reflects my influences by The Beatles, The Who, and assorted British pop acts.
My understanding of songwriting, composing, and arranging has also been been heavily influenced by other songwriting duo’s such as Rogers & Hart, Stephen Sondheim, and Burt Bacharach to name a few. Certainly my live performances are most largely influenced by Paul McCartney.
The colorful melodies, the lush ballads, and big numbers really show up for this aspiring songwriter.

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