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Metaphysical, Spiritual & Personal Growth:
Coast to Coast AM RADIO / with George Noory
Best radio for the sensational, incredible, and paranormal !
Tony Robbins America's number 1 Results Coach
Gregg Braden / Earth Sciences/ Ancient Wisdom
John Edward
The nations best psychic reader of those we have loved and lost.
Shirley MacLaine
Simply a wonderful person and site you should see.
Serena Wright Taylor
intuitive astrologer, the best reader in the country.
Conscious Media Network
The best site for personal growth, spirituality and ancient wisdom.
Lisa Williams
Meet Britain's foremost psychic Lisa Williams, featured on the Lifetime Channel.
Ganesha Center
It endeavors to be an inclusive community of professional and open-minded people who want to receive and provide holistic vibrational healing such as Reiki and ThetaHealing™ and attend classes and workshops for personal and spiritual growth.

Volunteer Organizations for a Good Cause:
Christians Children's Fund
Relief effort for children in war torn Africa.
Sponsor a child!
Twilightbrigade / Compassion In Action
Helping Hospice Patients and veterans of foreign wars...
The United Nations Association:
UNA is a powerful source of information on improving our world, and social condition.

Join Red
Join the fight against poverty and aids in Africa and war torn countries.

Artists Speak Out for Human Rights
An exhibition site for the work collected to represent the SantaCruz Chapter of the United Nations Association


Entertainment & Music:
Entertainment Music News, Concert Information, Famous Personalities
Rolling Stone Magazine
Music News, Rock n' Roll information, famous Personalities
Sir. Paul McCartney
The Famous Beatle! A fantastic personality and true humanitarian.
Producer Stephen Simon
brings us films that inspire us. A wonderful film club community.
Recording Artist and Rock Star David Bowie.
One of the most wonderful people I have ever met. This is a great site for all David Bowie fans!
Musicians and Fine Artisits for World Peace

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