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I am proud to announce my new Lecture Series: Extraterrestrials And The Divine Intelligence

My new presentation is an introspective look into our connection with the Divine Intelligence. The deep connection we share with Spiritual Guides, The Angels, Extraterrestrial Lifeforms, and those who have passed on before us. I think you find this deeply moving as we explore the fascinating world beyond the material plane. In this new presentation you will find a large amount of personal growth and anecdotes for living.

Robert Perala

Extraterrestrials And The Divine Intelligence

On December 27th 1977 Robert Perala was taken aboard a spacecraft by 3 extraterrestrial astronauts. He was returned sunburned and covered in a honey / oil like substance. After locking himself in his apartment for 3 months he met up with Dr. J Allen Hynek at the first UFO symposium in San Francisco California. Now after 30 years of research, his workshop with you will explore the mysterious connection between the Divine Intelligence, and the interpersonal relationship you share with: Extraterrestrials, The Pleiadians, and a host of other visitors. As we look into the origin of the soul, and the secrets of life's continuum, we find that we are living simultaneous lifetimes on other timelines. Where were you the day before you were born? And when your life is done, what awaits you on the other side? The workshop shows how Earth is being birthed into a larger expression, and includes a large amount of UFO photos in a wonderful powerpoint presentation.

Robert Perala is the internationally acclaimed author of The Divine Blueprint and the new revised edition of The Divine Architect. He is considered by many to be one of North America's finest inspirational speakers. He is a US Correspondent and host of his own internet TV show The Perala Report, and has been featured on: CNN, The FOX Network, Showtime, and Coast to Coast AM to name a few… He can be found at: www.theperalareport.com

NEW FOR 2015

Welcome to my brand new lecture series The Divine Intelligence: Join The Conversation. After many years researching important topics such as: Behavioral Science, The Origin of the Soul, The Laws of Right Relationship, Willingness and Intent, and The Mystery Schools, I found it important to provide this new Social Media platform so people could discuss solutions in personal growth, spiritual fitness and anecdotes for living. There are fantastic sweeping changes in consciousness around the globe, and what more fun can we have than to bring the discussion to the lectures and radio shows this year!


Join The Conversation

Robert is currently in the studio for the Summer recording "Spectacular Red" The Album

The Divine Intelligence is all around you. It combines all things together. Robert Perala invites you to join in on the conversation in a social media and radio platform. Earth is being birthed into a slightly larger expression, and people are feeling the vast sweeping changes in consciousness all around the world. Join The Conversation includes a look at: Behavioral Science, Personal Growth, Bridging the Worlds of New Science & Ancient Wisdom, Extraterrestrial Science, Life Before Birth/Life After Death, Where Does The Human Blueprint Come From, and where we are headed as we reach into the Golden Age of Enlightenment.

Available For Lectures and Radio Robert Perala is the internationally acclaimed author of The Divine Blueprint: Roadmap for the New Millennium and The Divine Architect: The Art of Living and Beyond. He is a sought after guest on radio and television, and is an inspirational speaker, and humanitarian relief advocate. He received the prestigious Certificate of Congressional Recognition Award at StanfordUniversity in 2007, and is a graduate of Mastery University from the Robbins Research Institute. He is a member of The Center For Spiritual Living in San Jose California, and has been featured on: CNN, The FOX Network, Showtime, and Coast to Coast AM to name a few. The Divine Intelligence: Join The Conversation, is the next logical step for this exciting speaker and author.

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